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BlueTide Web Consulting ¿Qué hacemos?


Founded in 2013, BlueTide’s main objective is to help companies and entrepreneurs use the internet to their advantage. We focus on ensuring a robust presence of your brand on the Internet and popular search engines like Google.


Being a leading and competitive company in the field of technology, offering our customers the best tools and technology of the web industry.


Our mission is to provide the best in class solutions to our customers accompanied with an outstanding support that is the BlueTide guarantee.


Our priority is to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and trust in our clients, fulfilling all the objectives in minimum time periods.

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Our Team

Our team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds such as business consulting, application development, web development, law, finance, and digital marketing. We understand the needs of your companies and most importantly, how technology can help you.
Carlos R. Piad | BlueTide Web Consulting

Carlos R. Piad


Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Master's in Project Management with specializations in data. He has high experience in the area of strategy and operations and has developed as a project manager since 2009.

Iván Barria G. | BlueTide Web Consulting

Iván Barria G.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with knowledge of computer networks and communication protocols. Extensive experience in the construction of multi-threaded and multi-process applications, artificial intelligence, data mining skills.

Luis López D. | BlueTide Web Consulting

Luís López D.


Bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science, specializing in corporate law, contracts, licensing, real estate, intellectual property, private capital among others.

Michael F. Lindo | BlueTide Web Consulting

Michael F. Lindo


Bachelor’s degree in Information Technologies. Counts with certifications in computer programming, digital marketing, and SEO. He has developed in the area of project management, online advertising, and customer service.

BlueTide Web Consulting ¿Qué hacemos?


Leading companies place their trust in our team, which we continue to serve with pride.

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